Community code of Conduct

General Guidelines

👋🏽 Hi! We’re so happy you’re here. We’re trying to build the kindest, most rad community on the internet for customer education and enablement professionals. Here’s how to get the most of it ↓How to be a great member (highly encouraged)!😍 Jump right in!

👀 Ask questions — ask for help or advice when you need it
✋🏽 Ask for feedback on something you’re working on — a blog post, an ebook, an idea, a product, a design, and so on
🌲 Give more than you take - help others by answering questions
🎁 Thank folk who take the time to reply to your posts
👋🏽 Say hello to new members and welcome them into the community
🎉 Have a positive attitude — be friendly, helpful, and encouraging
☎️ Talk about the community to others, and help grow itHow to raise a red flag (highly discouraged!)
👹 Solicit members with your products and services
👽 Be shady - use an avatar instead of a photo of you
🎃 Fail to include your full name and company within your profile
🤡 You’re a vendor and don’t follow the vendor guidelines (see below)
👻 Drop in only to self-promote while otherwise being inactive
🤖 Spam or troll other members
💩 Be rude or a jerkThanks for joining the community. We’re glad you’re here. But we always reserve the right to deactivate accounts at our discretion should you choose not to abide by the spirit of our community guidelines.

Slack Specific Guidelines

1. Real Self
We’re a real community of real professionals. We expect you’ll use your real name and photo as for your profile. Please also add your company to your display name (this also helps everyone find you more easily)

2. Self-Promotion
Share your events, links, or articles in dedicated promotion channels (#events, #resource). If the links lead to your products or events, disclose that. Do not use Direct Messaging as a channel of acquisition. Don’t answer questions with “use my product”. If anybody sends you a message with an intention of acquisition, let an admin know.

3. Context and Relevance
Please don't make a post with just a link to something, or a thought with no context. We encourage you to focus on starting a conversation (always make sure to explain why you’re sharing a link, image, or thought, and what other members can learn)!

4. No Salt
You should respectfully challenge ideas, but never attack the person. Help us make sure that everyone feels safe in the CEd community. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments will not be tolerated.

5. Know Thy Channels
#general - discussions and questions that help the entire community
#resource - something you / your company made or found that you think others would find helpful
#job-postings - find and share jobs related to customer education
#managers - hiring process and managing teams
#random - anything goes, fun stuff
#events-conferences - Events and meetups around customer education
#tech-stack - discuss broad tools and technologies
#donut- randomly assigned networking 1:1s. If you join this channel you are expected to follow through on meetings. You can pause your availability for any period of time.

6. Respect Privacy

Our community has a lot of invite-only private spaces. Respect the rules:#no-vendor-clubhouse is for practitioners only.

If you work for a vendor (LMS, Content Auth etc) don’t join this channel.

If you change jobs and start working for a vendor, please remove yourself.

There are private channels for each of the users of the major LMS systems.

Request access if you are a current (or soon to be) customer of these platforms. These include:

  • #skilljar-club
  • #thought-industries-club
  • #docebo-club
  • #intellum-club.

Sharon Castillo and Debbie Smith are admins.

Please direct people to the admins of private channels rather than inviting new users yourself.

Vendor Guidelines

Vendors, consultants and service providers are welcome in this community. That’s how the ecosystem grows. But this community is for professionals first. Here’s how to make the most of this space:

1. Be genuinely helpful
This is our #1 advice to be accepted by the community

2. Private Channels
Do not attempt to join the private channels specifically designed to be vendor free. These include:
#no-vendor clubhouse

3. No solicitations over DMs
This should be self explanatory

4. Self Promotion
If you post anything you or your company make, it should go to dedicated channels like #resource

5. Resources
Anything that you share that has an email capture, asks for information of any kind needs to be marked as a [VENDOR] post and doesn’t belong in #generalIf you have any questions about the guidelines above, please reach out to @sumo directly over DM